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Global specialists in integrity inspections

Bioscan is the global leader in spray dryer crack detection and vessel inspection.

Using our unique electronic testing technology, which uses no dyes or chemicals, we provide the most efficient and environmentally friendly service currently available in the industry.

We ensure that your production downtime is minimized and audit requirements are met, whilst maintaining our high safety standards when working in and around your plant.

A full spray dryer inspection can be carried out in 24/48 hours, reducing your downtime and increasing your productivity.

We offer crack testing and reparation services on the following;

- Spray Dryers
- Process Tanks/Silo's
- Fluid Bed's
- Bag Filters
- Cyclones
- Cheese Vat's
- Road Tankers


We now also offer integrity inspections on:


- Plate & Tubular Heat Exchangers

- Biofilm Inspections

- Holding Time Validations

High accuracy and real time analysis/results.

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