We are now able to offer a variety of integrity and validation inspections that include;


Plate & Tubular Heat Exchanger Inspections

Using a unique testing technology we are able to quickly determine the condition of your heat exchangers. Using only pressurised water, we can inform you of any potential micro-cracks in your heat exchangers that could cause liquid/product contamination and lost product.

The exchanger is filled with mains water on both sides of the section, one side is lightly pressurised to 3 bar from mains water, the other side emits ultrasound, detecting leakage in micro-liters, then over 5 minutes test, shows defect size from outside without dismantling.

The quick 5-minute test enables us to measure the combined size of any defect holes in the heat exchanges. Resulting in a PASS or FAIL condition.

Biofilm Detection (Bactiscan)

Bacteria and Biofilms can now be viewed in real-time using our variable wavelength technology. This system can view bacteria in real-time without using any chemicals. 

Many times there is a contamination in an area such as vessel walls, filling machines, water or product tanks, pipes etc. but it may not be clear where it is coming from. Bactiscan can help determine the location of contamination and make the remediation job easier. The high-intensity radiation emitted from these lamps enables the operator to view large areas at long distances, for example looking at contamination at the bottom of a tank, when standing at the top.

Holding Time Validations (Pasflo)

Pasteurisation holding time validation with instantaneous results using no chemicals or gases, this test can be carried out in minutes without the need to stop production, and completely non-intrusive for the processor.

Using sensors positioned outside of the pipes, at the start & end of the holding tubes. Then switching on the Control unit after receiving GPS connection, the next task is to switch on the 2 sensor transmitter units and monitor the flow characteristics when all 3 instruments are linked together through radio telemetry. Once the system is placed into test mode, all recording commences, the test period will continue until the holding time is calculated.


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